Default [Q] Nexus 5 wont get 3g internet but will 2g internet

Hey there,

I have a nexus 5 for about an month now. Just got the OTA to 4.4.3.
Everything seemed to be working perfect. But now i have a mobile network problem.
I can connect to 3G network. It says i'm connected but when i try to load a webpage for ex.
Nothing happens. It trys to load it but after 1 minute it says no internet connection. I can even send whatsapp messages when connected to 3G.
This all changes when i change to 2G everything works then but is really slow, but thats normal with 2G.
I cant try to connect to 4G because it is not available in my region.

Could someone please help me?

EDIT: There was a problem with the celluar tower nearby. I got it fixed now!