Question [Q] Orientation sensor problems

Hello guys. I have a problem with my orientation sensor on my Nexus 5. I think that is a hardware issue, because it didn't resolve after reboot or clean install.
The funny part is that it works in games, but not in apps like camera (i can't use panorama or 360 mode). Also, the auto rotate doesn't work. The phone has suffered from a drop on the floor, and i think that's the root of problems .

Anyway, i guess that i should take him to service. Do you guys have any ideea of the price? The orientation sensor can be replaced or it will be the motherboard?

So, recap. The phone has suffered 2 drops. The first one had shut down the auto rotate feature, the second one has maked the sensor to work better in games. I take care of my phone, but sometimes it happens.

P. S. I checked the auto rotate option.
P. P. S. I checked this forum

Ty for any sugestions.