Default [Q] Questions about mpdecsion and cpu settings

I have run a few rom kernel combinations, most recent being Chaos Kernel on official CM11 nightlies. I will set the min/max frequencies in the configuration app that comes with the kernel, but if I look at a log of my cpu steppings it will go over the max frequency set regularly. I tried even after running:
stop mpdecision
echo "1" > /sys/module/intelli_plug/parameters/intelli_plug_active
to stop mpdecision and start intelliplug but the cpu still goes over the max frequency I have set. Does this impact battery life greatly, and how can I stop the cpu from ramping all the way up past the max I set.

I also tried setting the max frequency in CM11s built in performance settings.

I have noticed this problem on stock based froms as well. I cannot remember if intelliplug fixed this problem with Faux's kernel.