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Reception problems on 4.4.1

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Both radios still drop signal

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I have noticed that my LTE reception is worse than pre-OTA. And while I agree doing a clean install is great and I don't really mind re-downloaded apps or restoring from TB. The real problem with this phone is that there is no SD card, so I don't want to have to worry about all the stuff on the internal storage. Of course I have my photo's setup to copy to the cloud but stuff that I download here or there isn't and I like having my photos on my storage until necessary to clean up for more storage. In the past I always had the phones memory plust a 32GB card and the card never got wiped when doing clean installs or factory resets.
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My signal definitely appears worse. Couldn't this be just appearance though? I thought in the changelog for 4.4.1 it says that they revised how the signal bars scale. If I go to the battery screen, it says that I am running at a higher time without signal, but my battery life isn't affected by it. I wonder if this is just some bug or related to how the signal is being reported, or if this actually reflects what your cell phone is picking up and what it isn't. For example, I have sometimes read my time without signal being reported at 50% or higher, but I am still able to make calls and receive texts, etc. etc. Therefore that leads me to believe this might just be cosmetic?

Does anyone have any real metrics to prove that the signal is actually worse or are you going by how many signal bars your phone has at the time?

I'm not saying anyone is wrong here, I am just trying to get an accurate assessment of the issue. I have noticed the same thing you guys have in that the signal that is being reported is worse than what I used to have, but I am hesitant to blindly flash back to the old radio not knowing exactly what the issue is. If the signal really is that much worse, shouldn't I be getting much worse battery life? Shouldn't my phone be heating up trying to boost power to the antenna? Neither of those cases are true.
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I had to flash back to the pre-4.4.1 radio since on Sprint, LTE signal strength was anywhere from 3 to 10 dB worse, after the update.

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