Default Screen not 100% off?

Hey there,
I just got my N5 a few days ago and I have noticed that when the screen is off, it actually is not. It's not off like in I turned the phone off, but off as in it's black but there seems to be some light still coming through. Pretty much like having a all black picture being displayed or when the Google bootlogo comes on, that kinda black. I am running Purity and Franco Kernel but I don't think that would have any cause into it.
I have tried rebooting multiple times, turned off hot word detection but still seems to be present.
I'm sure this isn't normal but if someone could suggest any solution, that would be great.

EDIT: OK, actually I figured it out just mere moments after posting this. It was an option in Lightflow to control the backlight while screen off. It was checked on.... derp. Also, there was an option in trickster for led control and I toggled that and saved and it turned the screen completely off now. Leaving this up for a helpful hint if anyone else experiences this type of issue
Have you tried turning it off and on again?
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