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[Q] About the screen

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Coming from an sgs2 with amoled screen I love the truer colors and clarity of this screen!

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I got my nexus 5 and was worried about the screen, but no issues. No dead pixels, the screen only slightly washes out when viewed at an angle (meaning only people nitpicky people would be annoyed by it. I personally think the screen is still easy to view, and read from even an extreme angle. But I have seen videos of others with nexus 5's that looked unbearable, so I'm sure the issue exists. Maybe I just got lucky and different screen hardware.

I dont really notice washed out colors in general, but the color temps are definitely different than my iPhone 5, which to me felt a bit too bright/blue compared to my nexus, easier on the eyes.

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This screen isn't washed out. You want washed out, get in a time machine and order a launch Nexus 4.

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Nexus 5 screen is one of top pick on the market for those who said the color or contact washout are getting poisoned by Samsung devices what you see on nexus 5 screen is more natural and real color. If people complain the nexus 5 screen are easy to break I will agree but not the color.

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Originally Posted by SamBG View Post
"Itís interesting to hear some Nexus 5 users complain that the display seems undersaturated, since that kind of end user feedback reflects subjective comparison. It also suggests to me that a large percentage of the population doesnít know what some colors or system elements actually should be. Even for me, looking at the green elements inside the Google Play store on the Note 3 in movie mode or Nexus 5 initially seemed slightly more muted than normal. The reality is that this is what they actually should look like. Weíve just become accustomed to their oversaturated appearance on virtually every other device.

This kind of expectation about what looks right and what doesnít is rather telling for the state of display calibration in Android handsets, and how OEMs have used oversaturated colors to increase retail shelf appeal. Unfortunately the reality is that oversaturated colors do seem to win taste tests among shoppers, the same way that TVs in most big boxes do. Weíve been looking at them for so long that well calibrated displays like Nexus 5 initially do look noticeably different.

The end result is easy to sum up, however Ė Nexus 5 has the best calibrated display Iíve seen so far in any Android handset. Itís also leaps and bounds more accurate and controlled than its predecessor display in the Nexus 4." - Anandtech Review

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This needs to be stickied and/or posted on every LCD quality thread.
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Originally Posted by bblzd View Post
This needs to be stickied and/or posted on every LCD quality thread.

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