Default [Q] Service issues?

I love my N5 and love it even more with a custom ROM. (So far Cataclysm is what I live for) but on just about all the Roms I've tried. I constantly get service disconnects and/or poor service. I am on Sprint and ever since 4.4.2 came out the Sprint hack zip hasn't worked. I tried the radio zip released for 4.4.2 but it didn't work either. I get LTE, 3G, and all fine. But out of nowhere it'll disconnect randomly until I either reboot or enable/disable airplane mode. Sometimes that doesn't even fix it. I'm stuck on stock now. Does anyone know why this happens? I hear sprint has issues with us. And its not related to the ROM. I've tried CWM. TWRP. Nothing helps.

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Device: Samsung Galaxy S3 Nexus 7 (2013)
ROM: Stock 4.3 MK3 Stock 4.4.2
Carrier: Sprint

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