Default [Q] USB oddness 2 Nexus 5 handsets

I have 2 Nexus 5's one is my own, 32gb, rooted with xposed, the other a 16gb unmodified stock

When I connect my phone its shows in 'computer' and I can browse the storage etc as expected.

The stock handset, connected to the same USB port (or any USB port for that matter) it shows in device manager but not in 'computer' so I cant browse the storage.

I dont get why one is working and the other is not, both being the same device using the same drivers?

I tried various combinations of debugging on/off, mtp/ptp mode.

Why is it not showing in 'Computer' as a device?

(Windows 8.1)


Found the solution, Uninstall Driver and check the box to delete the driver files, seems there was a conflict with some clockworkmod driver?...