Default [Q] Wireless charging no longer working (properly) after backplate removal


I'm usually not the type to open devices up, I'm always afraid of breaking things, I'm more of a software hacking kinda guy. So I took the back plate off my Nexus 5 in order to get exact measurements of the location of the metal dots on the inside, so I could rig up a magnetic wireless charger for the car (as is described in one of the other threads here).

I never even got far enough to start buying magnets and what-not, after putting the backplate back on and powering up the phone again, I no longer can charge wirelessly "normally". If I push down on the phone so it gets just that extra millimeter closer to the charging pad, voila, it starts charging again. If I remove my hand (let the phone sit normally on the pad), charging stops.

I took the back plate off a couple more times since then to try and figure out what is going on here, I did make sure to have the phone powered off each time, and I also unplugged/replugged in the battery just to see if that might help, but nothing. It still keeps doing this.

Anyone else ever experience this? Any ideas to fix it? There's not much to the innards after taking the backplate off that can be screwed up, so I'm kind of at a loss at what is causing this..

*edit* No cases involved, its a stock phone, not rooted, no mods, no nothing, basic nexus 5 32gb out of the box. Wireless charging worked flawlessly before removal of backplate, now it requires extra pressure pushing down on the phone after removal of the backplate.