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Welcome to the Google Nexus 5 original development forum. This forum is used to find or discuss original development on the LG-built Nexus 5 phone, including ROMs, kernels, rooting, mods and more.

This is an original development forum, which differs from the Nexus 5 Development forum in that discussion and items in this forum are for mostly original development on the Nexus 5, where the regular development forum is for modifications to stock tools where there has not been significant change. For more details on Original vs Regular Development forums, see this post on our Portal.

Before posting in this section you must be a Senior Member, which essentially means that you have a few posts under your belt to show that you are familiar with XDA's rules. To be promoted to a Senior Member, participate on the forum answering others' questions or asking (legitimate) questions. We have this rule to keep the noise to a minimum - and ask you to give a little back in order to get help from our hard-working developers.

For the full rules of this particular forum, please check the Rules & Guidelines post.

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25th November 2014
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