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By matthew0776, Senior Member on 6th November 2013, 03:29 AM
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4.4+ Candy Shop


Must have unlocked Boot loader and custom recovery installed ...!!!!

These are all Zip Themer app zips. Zip themer was the best universal way to post zips. WILL WORK ON ANY ROM AS LONG AS YOU USE THE APP CORRECTLY>

I have include instructions in how to use Zip Themer App if you are not familiar with the app.(which you can find in the PLAYSTORE)

This is a Link To a You tube Video ZubaZ made for the thread IN HOW TO USE ZIP THEMER APP//Please Thank him if you see him on the thread

Link to Zip Themer App

This is a link to a step by step instructions i did for another member in how to use Zip Themer app

Heres a Link to a StockEdify Zip. Use this in EDIFY process if running stock or if ur ROM zip is not working


4.4.3/4.4.4 Edify >

"L" Preview releaseEdify >

[Will only work with L preview release COMPATIBLE zips]
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________



Here is a link to our FAQ PLEASE read this b4 asking any Q. Becuz you will prob be referenced to the FAQ anyway...

Thanks to



@slymobi Link to more 4.4 mods... His Website link>


Here a is a link to the Candy Shop User Repository
A thread specifically for user contributions. Please check it out as well. There is amazing work there as well!

Links to Member Sub OP's where they have posted there own work
@muzaffarkhan95*[Various Mods]>

@Xxderek0822xx [NFL And Sports Team Related Lockrings and Various Mods] >

@CyberScopes [SoftKeyz]>

@david136 >


Candy Shop Web Site
[With all links to CandyKat Rom and Sweetner Packs]

Candy Shop G+ Link
please come and join the community

Candy Shop G+

Lockrings Post #1 //GlowDotz,SearchLights Post #2// SoftKeyz, Misc Post #3


Added - neXusLockring>

Added - Holo_neXusLockring>

Added - X5 Lockring>

Added - HoloX5Lockring>

Added - AtomNexusLockring>

Added - WhtAtomNexus>

Added - ChromeXLockring>

Added - ChromeholoXLockring>

Added - AndroidLockring>

Added - unlockLockring>

Added - FingerPrint>

Added - FingerPrintX>

Added - FingerPrintholoX>

Added - StockHolo>

Added - IronmanArcReactorLockring>

Added - PunisherLockring>

Added - BatmanTagLockringSilver>

Added - HULKLockring>
Added - HULK2Lockring>

Added - CaptinAmerica>

Added - GreenLantern>

Added - DeadPool3stepLockring>

Added - Zombie>

Added - HelloKittyLockring >

Added - StormTrooperLockring>

Added - DarthVaderLockring>

Added - DarthVader2Lockring>

Added - ImperialLockring>

Added - MickeyEarsLockring>

Added - Gaara3stepLockring>

Added - SharinganLockring>

Added - Suit'nTieLockring>

Added - AdidasLockring>

Added - BMOLockring>
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6th November 2013, 03:29 AM |#2  
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Thanks to @ilboapie for converting some dotz zips

KitKat 4.4

Glow Dots

Added - 5 COLORS OF STOCK GLOW DOTS. I POSTED A PIC OF HOLOBLU VERSION ALL OTHER COLORS ARE THE SAME LOOK DIFF COLOR(Thanks to ZubaZ//Neverseparate for helping me get this together)

Red Glow Dots>

HoloBlu Glow dots>

Yellow Glow Dots>

Purple Glow Dots>

Green Glow Dots>

Orange GlowDots>

Black Glow Dots(Hard to see on blk wallpaper)>

Added - Enlarged Holo Target GlowDots//PICS DO NOT DO THIS MOD JUSTICE>
Added - Enlarged White Target GlowDots>

Added - Enlarged Red Target GlowDots>

Added - Droid Glow Dots>

Added - Nexus Dots>

Search Lights

Stock Colored SearchLights

Added Blue>

Added Cyan>

Added Green>

Added Pink>

Added Red>

Added Yellow>

Added XSearchlight>

Added HoloXSearchLight>

Added - WhtXSearchlight>

Added X5SearchLight>

Added HoloX5SearchLight>

Added 5SearchLight>

Lock Icon Maximized
(Lock Icon you see when widget is maximized at the bottom)

Added - FingerPrint>

Added - myLockMax>

Added - HolomyLockMax>

Added - XLockMax>

Added - WhtXLockMax>

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6th November 2013, 03:30 AM |#3  
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SoftKey Mods'

Added - WhtLoproShadowz>

Gradient Lo-Pro Keyz







-LoProHolo- Coming



Added - ZTEGrandKeyz>

Added - NexusXSoftkeyz>

Added - WhtNexusXSoftkeyz>

[All keys are X's button Highlight makes the word "neXus"]

Added- NeXusKeyz(by @mar5hal)>

Added 3DSK>

Includes whtglow highlight

Added - holoFramedSK>

Icon SoftKeyz

Added - WhtIconSoftKeyz>

Added - HoloIconSoftKeys>

Added - LineKeyz>

Added - HTC One M8 Softkeys>

With permission by: arzbhatia ZENYTH SoftKeyz

Added - WhtZenythKeys>

Added - AdventuretimeSoftkeyz>

For more Amazing SoftKeys

Please hit thanks on sub OP as well !

@CyberScopes [SoftKeyz]>

Navi HighLights

[White is the same jus colored white]

Added - HoloGlow>

Added - WhtGlow>


Added - HoloDotzHL>

Added - WhtDotzHL>

Added - RingHL>

Misc Mods

Added - BlkChromeScrubberz>

Added - Chrome Scrubbers>

Added - CandySettingToggelz>

Added - ClearAllToiletPaper>

Added - HoloClearAll_TP>

Camera LockScreen Iconz
Lower right hand corner of LockScreen

Added - CandyCamera>

Added - WhtCandyCamera>

Added - HoloCandyCamera>

Added - RedCandyCamera>

Added - GreenCandyCamera>

Added - KitKatCamera>

Added - WhtKKCamera>

Added - LWP XSunBeam>
must have apk installed to system/app to work

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6th November 2013, 03:30 AM |#4  
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Signal and WiFi Mods

Thanks to @grisoxxl for these next few contributions

Added - Grey Wave>

Added - BluWave>

Added - WhtRingDots>

Added - Lemon>

Added - Rainbow>

Added - White>

Added - Cube >

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6th November 2013, 03:31 AM |#5  
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Things u will need to create a new mod

- esFileExplorer / File manager on device

(Not 100% needed but makes life easier)

- PhotoShop/Gimp or equivalent to installed on Computer

- The mod u want to Theme off the Candy Shop Thread if it's not a lockring

-Attatched is a empty ZT Lockring mod zip

- Empty ZT zip >

_ Attached @ bottom of post are 2 pngs one for xhdpi and one for sw600dp-xhdpi

So with these 4 things it will be ridiculously easy to create your own mod. There are many different ways to do this and one is really not better then the other. In the end the result has to be the same...

I will share the EASIEST way. I do use this method but on occasions I mite use a simiar one depending on if I'm creating it from scratch or using an existing mod zip jus new Imgs. Again...the end result has to be the same reguardless.

I'm assuming if your reading this you know how to use the Zip Themer app and you have a understanding of how to use a image editor ... This is NOT a How to use PhotoShop/Gimp .......this is NOT to tell u HOW TO USE THE APP....So let's jus clarify that

This is a How to create a mod zip

A lot of these steps may vary depending on which mod ur making but all the rules are the same. For this tutorial I'll go over how to make a Lockring. After that use these basic rules and concepts to make others mods and themes.


First u will have to find the img u want to use via Google or etc... Keep in mind most mods use transparent BG so you have to choose wisely. After u have DL img. Follow the steps... trial n error is ok..

1- Open Image editor PhotoShop/Gimp and drag your new img into editor. You now have to turn BG transparent.*

Remember...depending on the mod your making a lot of the next few steps may vary.

2- The xhdpi size is 216x216 canvas. So the img itself is usually around 150-140ish so size ur image to 200 for now if you want u can go down to 150-140...then*save it. Name doesn't matter at this point. And where doesn't matter jus have easy access to it via desktop or a work folder

Now ...

3- Open a new file in your Image editor with 216x216 phones /244x244 for N7flo Canvas...and make it with transparent BG. Or use attatched png @ bottom of post as ur templete. Now drag in the (EmptyLockring).png I supplied and then drag in your custom image as well.

(You can also make your own ring but just make sure you keep the ring size as close to stock as possible. You can go aittle bigger or smaller but to much and image will get off center)

4- Resize your img to fit in ring but DO NOT SIZE CANVAS OR SCALE CANVAS you must only size top layer.

If u have to size ur custom img separately do that..jus make sure u keep canvas the same and lockring the same size.

5- Now save / export your img to desktop or a work folder....naming it (blank).png

Now move it to the xhdpi(phones) sw600dp(N7flo)folder in the downloaded Empty mod zip. Then replace ur img with mine and rename it the same


6- Open xml and edit author line and title of mod (not needed for mod to work but if u so choose) back out and zip up folders from the folder b4 xml and Apk folder. Super important step

The last few steps u can do in esfile explorer if you so choose. Just move png to phone and do your xml and name editing in app as well as zipping it up. Plenty of days I'll transfer a few pngs to my phone. Then knock out a few mods throughout the day.*

And that's about it...

Using ZT create ur update zip and flash

Now I also wanted to discuss choosing pngs to mod...In theory any built in apk in app or priv-app or framework can be modded. I usually extract apk I'm targeting and extract drawables folder xxhdpi(N5) or xhdpi(N4) or sw600dp-xhdpi(N7flo)depending on device. Then look through the pngs images to decide which you want to swap out. From there you will always use a transparent BG and always keep img size and canvas the same as stock. I usually match my img up with stock to get sizing of actual img exact....And again use trial and error to size or center ur custom img properly. But in theory as long as you sized your img to original png canvas and img u should be fine. Use these guidelines to mod any apk. Some apls can not be modded this way specifically PlayStore apps. But again use trial and error to filter out non-themeable apks.

If u run into a .9 png they do require special attention and PLEASE Google/research(XDA) in how to deal with those bad boys... There are tons of guides out there. But those cannot be edited like normal pngs.

I really hope this helps some ppl start there themeing adventure. Ultimately to really theme apks u will have to decompile and edit xmls and smali and recompile apk. But to theme basic pngs in apks. This is a great way to do it. So enjoi and always becareful with experimenting. I'm always around to answer Q so if u really get stuck jus ask ... But with this info and some brain storming it should be pretty easy to figure out. Hope this helps and answers some Q for ppl looking to make some ZT mods.

Enjoi this tutorial I also plan on adding a step by step video if possible.

Below are the 2 empty lockring pngs they are white so run your mouse over box to see imgs. They are labeled device specific. They are also the perfect canvas size so you can just DL and import into Image editor and get to work.
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	ic_lockscreen_handle_normal.png
Views:	13121
Size:	9.8 KB
ID:	2433851   Click image for larger version

Name:	N7ic_lockscreen_handle_normal.png
Views:	13032
Size:	25.1 KB
ID:	2433853  
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This may not be fully updated. Check out sweetener/'L' thread for all the latest keys.

My Candyshop Mods

Compatibility List -



Project Hera Keys

Cyber Navbar Pro

Cyber Navbar

Cyber Navbar - Holo Blue

Cyber Navbar - Red

Cyber Navbar - Yellow

Cyber Navbar - Green

Cyber Navbar - Holo Blue + Red

Cyber Navbar - Nexus Edition

Cyber Navbar - Nexus X Edition

Pro-X Navbar

Pro-X Navbar - Holo Blue

Pro-X Navbar - Red

Pro-X Navbar - Yellow

Pro-X Navbar - Green

Pro-X Navbar - Nexus Edition

Pro-X Navbar - White + Nexus Home

CCX Navbar

CCX Navbar - Holo Blue

CCX Navbar - Red

CCX Navbar - Yellow

CCX Navbar - Green

CCX Navbar - Nexus Edition

Ultra Point Navbar

Ultra Point Navbar - Holo Blue

Ultra Point Navbar - Red

Ultra Point Navbar - Yellow

Ultra Point Navbar - Green

Ultra Point Navbar - Nexus Edition

Dual Arrow Navbar

Dual Arrow Navbar - Holo Blue

Dual Arrow Navbar - Red

Dual Arrow Navbar - Yellow

Dual Arrow Navbar - Green

Dual Arrow Navbar - Nexus Edition

Exo-Circle Navbar

Exo-Circle Navbar - Holo Blue

Exo-Circle Navbar - Red

Exo-Circle Navbar - Yellow

Exo-Circle Navbar - Green

Exo-Circle Navbar - Nexus Edition

Lines Simplified Navbar

Lines Simplified Navbar - Holo Blue

Lines Simplified Navbar - Red

Lines Simplified Navbar - Yellow

Lines Simplified Navbar - Green

Lines Simplified Navbar - Nexus Edition

Lines Simplified Navbar - Border Edition

Minecraft Diamond Navbar

Minecraft Gold Navbar

Minecraft Iron Navbar

Minecraft Stone Navbar

Minecraft Wood Navbar

Xbox Navbar

Playstation Navbar

More Mods in Next Post
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Tri Lock Navbar

Tri Lock Navbar - Holo Blue

Tri Lock Navbar - Red

Tri Lock Navbar - Yellow

Tri Lock Navbar - Green

Tri Lock Navbar - Nexus Edition

Circles Simplified Navbar

Circles Simplified Navbar - Holo Blue

Circles Simplified Navbar - Red

Circles Simplified Navbar - Yellow

Circles Simplified Navbar - Green

Circles Simplified Navbar - Nexus Edition

Circles X Navbar

Circles X Navbar - Holo Blue

Circles X Navbar - Red

Circles X Navbar - Yellow

Circles X Navbar - Green

Circles X Navbar - Nexus Edition

Dots Simplified Navbar

Dots Simplified Navbar - Holo Blue

Dots Simplified Navbar - Red

Dots Simplified Navbar - Yellow

Dots Simplified Navbar - Green

Dots Simplified Navbar - Nexus Edition

Squares Simplified Navbar

Squares Simplified Navbar - Holo Blue

Squares Simplified Navbar - Red

Squares Simplified Navbar - Yellow

Squares Simplified Navbar - Green

Squares Simplified Navbar - Nexus Edition

More Mods in Next Post
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Cyber Highlights Pro

Cyber Highlights

Cyber Highlights - Small

Cyber Nexus Highlights - Small

Fade Glow Highlights


Nexus Lockmax

Nexus Lockmax v2

Nexus Lockmax - White

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Hopsin-kat colored and image keyboards For All Android 4.4+ Devices!
Note: These keyboards are build off of aosp format and should be compatible with any ROM out there including rooted stock! If you run into any issues feel free to pm me thanks in advanced! THESE ARE APKS!

Edit: if you are on a stock rooted ROM that does not have a asop or Google keyboard you should be able to just install the keyboard with out having to do the method below if it is not working g than you will have to do the method below!

First download the HOPSIN-KAT keyboard you want to use! Next you need to download from Google play ROOT BROWSER now open the app go to DATA then APP and delete anything that says or now go to APP/LIB and look for the same files and delete them next go to SYSTEM then APP and delete the same files and then go to SYSTEM then LIB and delete the same files one last time now reboot your phone! And install the HOPSIN-KAT keyboard you want to install and install it! Make sure you set your input method in settings! NOTE: ALSO DOWNLOAD TITANIUM BACKUP AND DELETE ANY EXISTING KEYBOARD THAT IS ON THERE AS WELL!
NOTE: once you have installed one keyboard you will never have to do the above ^^^^ installation process again just download and install!

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:high five:
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Will Upload lockring tomorrow... Its been along day with all this converting files...enjoi the thread :thumbup:

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