Default Blue MMS icon [download]

Hi, I found this icon on another forum: it was originally part of a flashable zip for JB, that doesn't work on KK.
So I extracted just the PNGs and added one for XXHDPI devices (Nexus 5).
To install you need to copy the MMS.apk from system\priv-apps to another place, rename it to .zip, copy new icons in it, rename to .apk, put it back in its folder and set permissions to 644.
I would be grateful if someone may create a script in a flashable zip for this; I can provide the original zip for JB, if needed...
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File Type: rar Blue MMS.rar - [Click for QR Code] (74.9 KB, 29 views)
Device: Black Nexus 5 32Gb
ROM: CyanogenMod 11
Bootloader: Z11k
Modem: .23
Recovery: TWRP
Kernel: ElementalX
Mods: Debloated, updated Adreno drivers, Tweaked camera quality, Blue MMS icon