Tutorial 15 new fonts addded. . .

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He means you should include the stock font as a way to revert back.
Roboto fonts added (Stock KK font).

15 new fonts also added...
Happy Font Friday

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Hey, im using a nexus 4 but i really like the first package! Hope that there is a "Font Friday" tomorrow, cant wait to get some new fonts!

Thx a lot!

15 new fonts also added...
Happy Font Friday

Nexus 4 FC thread

Fonts in this release. . .
  1. Applemint
  2. Arista
  3. AristaLight
  4. Armani
  5. ArmaniLarger
  6. Arual
  7. ArvoGoogle
  8. Asap
  9. Ashby
  10. Aspergit
  11. AspergitBold
  12. Avenir
  13. AveriaSansLibreGoogle
  14. Bahamas
  15. Bariol
  16. Roboto
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