Default Grafity Live Wallpaper[Modded]

Grafity Live Wallpaper (Graffiti in Gravity)
a live wallpaper in which u can keep your favorite alphabet or even your initial alphabet of your name
the text will float in the 3d space and so will the wallpaper

Features -
1♦3d perspective view
2♦u can set the axis of rotation
3♦custom wallpaper can be set from your gallery
4♦includes all alphabets
5♦can set any color or a random color
6♦u can use accelerometer instead of gyroscope
7♦u can also use your camera as the wallpaper view

NOTE - i have only modded this live wallpaper ,i'm not the creator or developer of this app

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Download - Grafity Live Wallpaper

i don't supply bugs