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[Guide] [Do it Yourself] Make Your custom zipthemer Lockrings for Nexus 5 (KK)

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Default [Guide] [Do it Yourself] Make Your custom zipthemer Lockrings for Nexus 5 (KK)

Kring by me
DOWNLOAD HERE: http://d-h.st/gj8

Here I will show You how to make Your personal lockring theme for ZipThemer.

Here is what You need:

- Paint.net

- Notepad++

- Align Object Plugin for Paint.net

- 7ZIP

These are the programs that fits my needs, are easy-to-use, complete but low-resources and free!... but!!! You can use everything You want! Gimp, Winzip, WinRar....etc etc

Here are the files we are going to modify:

In KitKat the resources for lockscreen are stored in /system/priv-app/Keyguard.apk/res/drawable-xhdpi and the files we need are:

- ic_lockscreen_handle_normal.png (the lockring)

- ic_lockscreen_unlock_activated.png (the unlock lockring)

- ic_lockscreen_glowdot.png (the dots)

DONWNLOAD FROM HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/t2shql2ds1syxjy/bWIcRdH-hq

We start first with a little&general example, then we will make also the Kring in screenshots

Open this files in Paint.net

Here We can change colors for example, using Paint Bucket

... and this is the result...

You can also add Custom text or Images:

If You like other colors from other images, You can use color picker to obtain the hex code!

How to center images?????

Let's make the unlock activated lockring!

Open ic_lockscreen_unlock_activated.png in Paint.net:

We remove the Lock Icon in this way:

We open new project for our custom txt or logos

Now, using the magic wand we select the character

We copy (ctrl+c) & paste (ctrl+v) on Unlock activated png.

Press CANC and delete the selection!

We finished, now I will explain to You how to make a zipthemer .zip and how it works !

We need a template!


Open the template using 7-zip and copy Your custom .PNGs inside the drawable-xhpi folder!

If You open the template You will find a .XML file, here You can add infos to Your mod

It will look like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<phone>Any Phone</phone>
<rom>the Rom You want</rom>


1.) You can mod the RED code as You want

2.) Blue code is the path of the .apk where the lockring resources are stored and that zipthemer will change (You don't need to touch it... don't touch it! )

3.) You can rename the .zip as You want

4.) Now You understand how zipthemer works. If You understand also what resources do what (e.g. Softkeys, Scrubbers, Toggles, Clear all button, status bar icons) You can theme everything You want just following these guidelines and looking at Matthew's CandyShop!

5.) Lock icons I provided are for Nexus 5, if You're following this guide for other KK smartphone please use original resources from Keyguard (KK) to get the correct rings sizes!

*Note: Lockring works with zipthemer!!!

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Just one for Me

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Nice guide! I'll use this when I try to make a lock ring with an actual ring around it to look nicer and more flat. Right now I've been just using images.

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Default Delete

Nexus 5 : Carbon Rom + Franco Kernel

Hit 'Thanks' if I've helped you.
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Default Works at last

Thank you so much!!!
Kitkat is so new that most power users have yet to share this kind of new knowledge of where the resource files are ( i kept digging around in framework res ) and I finally came across something that worked. Thank you very much.
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Thanks a lot I'll try in my N4
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