Default SMS/MMS App with Video Resize

Are there any SMS/MMS applications out there that auto-resize video? The stock AOSP Messaging app that I currently use I love. Simple, basic, gets the job done. It auto-resizes pictures to fit into the MMS size limit and such, however it does not resize videos. I've tried a few others like Bite SMS and Handsend in the past however saw they lacked video resize. Something that will see the video size, and auto-convert and resize the resolution, bitrate, and to 3GP format, so that it sends.

I've used iPhones in the past from iPhone 3G to iPhone 4S and only recently switched to Android for the last year or so and video auto video resizing is something I miss, just being able to send a quick small video to friends via MMS.

Any suggestions would be welcome.
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