Phone [Zipthemer Lockrings] Diablo III Lockrings

Hey guys,

I love the Diablo III game and I love doing theming with ZipThemer on Android.
That's why I did my Diablo III lockrings and I'll actually share it today.

Here an example :

These are all Zip Themer app zips and instructions find here :(thanks to @matthew0776 and all contributors cited on his thread)

- This is a Link To a You tube Video ZubaZ made for the thread IN HOW TO USE ZIP THEMER APP//Please Thank him if you see him on the thread :

- Link to Zip Themer App found on the Play Store :

- Here a Link to a StockEdify Zip. Use this in EDIFY process if running stock or if ur ROM zip is not working for updateedify configuration in zipthemer app :



Link of Official User manual of zipthemer :

Edify configuration on zipthemer app:
  • Install zipthemer app and run it

  • Go to options app --> Update Edify
  • Go to Select flashable files: --> Browse...
  • Choose your ROM zip file and confirm
  • Click on Configure... button
  • It's done, flash a zip file theme now.

  • Downloaded an updated version of the edify phone database and following the instructions.
  • It's done, flash a zip file theme now.

So, let's go

Barbarian :

Link :

Crusader :

Link :

Demon Hunter :

Link :

Diablo :

Link :

Monk :

Link :

Witch Doctor :

Link :

Wizard :

Link :

- All Lockrings .zip :