Default Phone keeps connecting to Verizon tower??

I bought a note 2 running on us cellular but whenever you call out or do anything calling related verizons automated voice comes on. I bought the phone for 50 bucks and its 9/10 condition so i figured if i cant get it to work the phone its self works perfectly. But now that i invested around 8 or 9 hours trying to figure out why i cant do anything and why verizon comes on a US cellular phone. But If anyone could help me out it would be great. The phone is indeed rooted running 4.4.2 and i have access to supersu and i have some CWM 6.0 version or something. Any ideas? Even if i can just get it back on the us cellular tower would be fine but if i could just unlock the device so it DOES work on verizon that would be even better.