Default [Q] microP-wrong platform(00) touch none for htc arrive

i have done some stupid thing to my htc arrive. which is running on windows 7.0 os with spl 2.x i tried to install windows 7.8 without downgrading to hspl. rom updater started at 1% my pc got restarted and shown your pc is recovered from serious error. but nothing was happened to my phone. after next day morning touch screen was not responding. showing microp wrong platform(00) touch none. now i downgraded to hspl using dft tool and installed all available roms for htc arrive but touch was not working. i already have full backup of original rom and i have updated that one also still no luck. i tried y cable method 3 times but nothing says installing touch driver ok but not working.i have opened my htc arrive and pulled out the sd card and reinserted still problem was alive. i don't have warrenty for my mobile. is there any solution available to solve my problem? sorry for my bad english