Default [Q] Android Newb needing massive help

First and foremost, I want to apologize for this, but I have a phone that was given to me and was told it was rooted and unlocked (now it says "Relocked") and I need to get it updated to the newest version of android available. I have tried following guides and such, but since I didn't unlock and root this phone originally, I have no idea where to start to get it either updated or sent back to the original factory settings so I can update via OTA.

I downloaded the OTA update, but when it starts, it just goes to a blue triangle with an exclamation point.

I tried installing the RUU that I found for the updated version, but it says it cannot find the phone via USB. I know that the drivers should be working fine because fastboot does communicate with the phone.

here is all the details that I know about the phone.

HTC Evo 3D - Sprint Network

when entering recovery mode, this is what is on the screen:

*** RELOCKED ***
HBOOT - 1.50.0000
Aug 7 2011 10:21:40

And then the hboot menu.

I'm having trouble locating all the correct files and a decent tutorial to get this updated to ice cream sandwich. Everyone that I find either has broken links or is an overall guide and doesn't seem to fit.

Lastly, I have NEVER rooted or unrooted an android phone before, so please bear with many stupid questions.