Default Pico struck at HTC boot logo

My Pico is stuck at the HTC logo at startup. I was using CM11 RC2 with mounts2sd, then it rebooted suddenly and struck at the logo. I tried to reinstall the rom but it says the installation failed. I tried it many times with many roms (cm11 weekly, omni, carbon and even cm9)and it sometimes gets installed but struck at the HTC logo. Will there be any use if I tried to restore a backup? If so where can I find the backup coz I deleted my previous one and don't have one currently.

When I tries to change the recovery to aw3sm3 or twrp or cwm it says 'malformed 1 byte' error. I tried to open the img file with rar but it gives an error. I tried downloading from the internet but all the recovery files were like that. I even tried on my friends laptop. What might be the reason?