Unhappy [Q] (Q) help!!!!!! reocked the bootloader now problems.

(Q) help!!!!!! reocked the bootloader now problems!!!
#1. in normal booted os the power button works fine as well as down vol button. top wont work but ive replaced the vol cable and that still wont work. its a software issues I think.
#2. in bootloader I can use the vol down and it move the way the up should I go to use the vol up and it wont move. I use the power and it wont select anything. cant reunlock the bootloader.

im wondering if I can some how get it unlocked without the buttons. as I can get into fastboot and pc will flash the unlock.bin.
or 2 can I flash something to get the buttons to work right in fastboot.

what do you guys think is wrong???
is it a board issue?
I don't understand how it would work correctly booted normaly but as soon as I try to enter bootloader it wont work.
bootloader is not frozen as like I said I can move with the vol down button but cant select. with power but power works fine in android. thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!