Would it kill some of you to post links? Seriously.

I think this is the Nilkin one you guys are talking about, the 9H one. Pretty sure this is the one I want. I have $5 in Amazon credit from Bing farming, and I think either my account or my wife's is about to drop another nickel on us, so I can get it for a buck. (If you haven't heard about Bing farming, go to this XDA app developer's app page and throw a buck or two at him, or watch his ads while his app does all the work.)

But yeah... Used film on my last two phones. Tempered glass screen protector? I'm so in. Only thing is, I don't get glossy film screen protectors. I spring for the matte, because they're easier to drag fingers across, and they resist fingerprints. Not a lot of people like them, they prefer the glossy, but I personally find them sticky and problematic. Seems the tempered glass protectors offer the best of both? I like the look of gloss but not the feel. Anyway, for a buck out of pocket I guess I can't go wrong.
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