HTC One M8 Development

HTC One (M8) Android Development

Welcome to the HTC One (M8) development forum. This forum is used to find or discuss development on the One (M) phone, including ROMs, kernels, rooting, mods and more. Information can also be found here on converting a Sense model into a Google Play Edition.

This is a development forum, which differs from the HTC One (M8) Original Development forum in that discussion and items in this forum are for derivatives of stock ROMS, kernels or other materials, and the Original Development forum includes new work which is mostly original. For more details on Original vs Regular Development forums, see this post on our Portal.

Any member posting in this section must be of Senior Member status, this means you must be aware of XDAs rules as well as the moderation team's guidance for this particular device forum. You must of also of been active within the forums, including answering questions and asking legitimate questions. We do this to keep the development forums running smoothly, it’s not much to ask to give a little back for the help of the community experts.

Please refer to the moderation teams guidance for posting in this development forum, more information can be found here.

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One (M8) Android Development

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