Default (Solved) [Q] Dev Edtion M8 Thinks it's European edition

My developer edition HTC One M8 thinks it's the Europe edition. I'm still on 4.4.2, because the firmware won't update to 4.4.3 when I try to flash it, claiming it's the wrong model or something to that nature. How do I change it so it thinks it's the right model, and from there update my firmware, and eventually update to 4.4.3?

Edit: I wiped everything and flashed a new 4.4.2 ROM onto it, and flashing the firmware worked. Successfully updated firmware and updated to 4.4.3.
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Phone: Sprint HTC One
ROM: Dark EclipticONE 3.8.2
Kernel: ElementalX
Bootloader: Revone S-Off
Recovery: TWRP 2.5