Unhappy [Q] HTc One M8t (China) root and HTC Sense original?


Im lost! I bought the HTC One M8t in China today, in a real store, so its not a fake. Im on vacation in China and come from Denmark.

I belived it would just be plug'n'play with this phone, but since its bought in china there is a lot of chinese apps and no Play store

I asked around and i realised i will have to root the phone. Im a totel rookie and i have never done it before, so i hope you guys can lead me in the right direction.

1. How do i root my HTC One M8t?
2. Can i get the original HTC Sense from my region (Denmark/Europe) on my phone?
2.1 If yes, how do i do that?
2.2 If no, can i get Android L on my phone?

I really hope someone can help me, i am totally lost and really frustrated since i thought it would be an easy task to get it up and running.