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That hboot and radio baseband information do not correspond to the 4.4.3 official OTA. Do you mean to say that you flashed a 4.4.3 custom ROM or a nandroid?

Broken WiFi is a known symptom of outdated (1.xx) firmware combined with a 2.xx based ROM, for which the old hboot and radio baseband numbers also point to.

You either need to flash the firmware manually (s-off required) or actually receive/install the 4.4.3 official OTA (which will also update the firmware). More info on updating the firmware manually here:
Thank you. A replacement is on the way anyway, so I think I should choose resetting the TAMPERED and UNLOCKED flags over actually getting the phone back to working conditions.

I think the OTA update might have gotten stopped mid-way and resulted in this issue. I'm not really invested in getting the phone to shape right now, I'd much rather not be charged for the UNLOCKing.

BTW, I pay $10 a month for JUMP and warranty - would even that be voided by the unlocking?

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