Default HTC stock gallery image samples

When I recently got my HTC M8, I loved the very very sharp and beautiful images which came in its gallery by default. But then I unlocked bootloader and installed ROMs so I lost all those images without even enjoying them thoroughly
Luckily, one of my family relatives also got an M8 and he is full stock. So I transferred those images from him, and now I have them.

Now, I uploaded all those in full resolution to imgur so anyone can access them, and download them . it also provides as a backup for me, but I just wanted to share those images.

Just a disclaimer that I searched long and hard to find them anywhere on net or XDA, but couldn't find them. So I *hope* it isn't a double post about same topic!

P.S. they look great with Muzei. Alone, as wallpaper they are a bit too busy. But with Muzei... Oh.. <3

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