Question [Q] Hangouts/voip mic not working with cm-11-20140902 nightly

Hi guys,

When I do a fresh flash of cyanogenmod on my unlocked international m4, with the latest Google Hangouts release, audio and mic don't work at all. If I downgrade hangouts to the earliest system versions (included with cm's gapps), I can get the receiving audio to work, but not the mic. Here is a list of images I've tried this with:

- cm-11-20140902-NIGHTLY-m4
- cm-11-20140827-NIGHTLY-m4
- cm-11-20140609-SNAPSHOT-M7-m4

I'm currently using the sept. 2nd nightly to no avail. Same thing: no voip audio either incoming or outgoing. If I uninstall all updates to Hangouts, I can get incoming audio to work, but not outgoing.

Does anyone else have this issue? Maybe I'll just have to wait for the next version of hangouts to be released.