Question [Q] Fast ROM for my needs? (noob)

Hi! First of all, I speak french, so my English isn't perfect, I understand 99% of what you say, but you will probably only understand 50% of what I say...
My HTC One V is very slow and lags alot. I want a custom ROM that will makes it way faster! Which one?
There are many things that I don't use on my phone, so maybe there are some ROMs with ripped features? For exemple, I don't have a sim card, so I don't need to be able to talk, I only use my phone to go on the internet, use messenger and listen to music.

Once I find the ROM I want, I need to install it... but how?
Can someone give me a link or explain me step by step how to do that? I'm a nood with phone/android, but I'm very good with computers, so I will probably understand easily.