Default [Q] The Airplane Mode & no IMEI dilemma

Hi All,

I have an HOX stuck in airplane mode for the past 5 months, after the OTA update to 4.2.2, with no IMEI showing in the OS although it is correctly visible in fastboot and Hboot. After reading through threads and threads about the Airplane mode/no IMEI/no baseband problem in HOX, i just wanted to ask the developers that if the HBoot can access the correct IMEI and baseband version from somewhere inside the phone then why can't the OS?

i mean there has to be some function call or some memory area that is accessed through the kernel. So isn't this a problem with the kernel rather than the phone itself?

Thanks in advance.

Endeavoru SHIP RL S-ON
Hboot 1.73
CID HTC_044, main ver 4.19.707.3
Flashed roms --> CM11, Viperx 4.1.1, ARHD 33.1, Stock JB 4.2.2 nandroid, Renovate Final 4