Unhappy [Q] htc one x won't turn on

hallow guys i need help

my htc one x was drop down and touch broken an usb port broken but everything is work perfect even touch (usb broken can't connect to pc)
then i want to check that can i replaced the usb port
so i unpack it..
then i turn on phone it's turn on and work perfect
then i repack it
after repack it i pressed power button
device turn on and display slowly dim (blink)
i turn off it again and turn on
when htc logo comes it going to slowly dim (not blink) and phone it self turn off
i'v tried 3-4 times then device vitbrate and no display no turn on sound(i think it going off)

i think display dead
is htc one x won't turn on with out display?

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help meeeeeeeeeeee :c rying: