Default [Q] Possible fried eMMC Chip

Ladies and Gents,
From what I can tell, it's likely that I fried my eMMC, but I'm not sure. I was attempting to flash CM at the time.
About half-way through, the phone locked up. I let it sit for several hours, mostly because I forgot about it.
I forced a reboot, and the inevitable boot loop began. At this point, I still have access both to fastboot and CWM,
with functional ADB. I immediately notice upon the first reboot into CWM that /dev/block/mmcblk0 no longer
existed. I've recreated the device nodes (mknod mmcblk0 b 179 0, as well as the partitions listed in /proc/emmc),
and get nothing other than errors indicating that the device doesn't actually exist. I've tried flashing a stock RUU to it,
with no luck. The initial `fastboot oem rebootRUU` simply turns the phone off. Attempting to flash the zip afterwards
results in 'FAILED (remote: not allowed)'. I'm on CWM and HBOOT 1.55. I understand that there is almost
certainly a newer version of CWM, but this all happened a year ago, and I just picked the phone up again tonight,
since I had some free time. The phone is UNLOCKED and S-OFF.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Am I looking at throwing in a new eMMC chip, or am I just messing this up somewhere along the line?
Despite not having touched it for a year, I have in fact Google'd the crap out of this on several occasions without any real clues.