Exclamation [Q] Help, cannot update Sense after restoring to stock

OK, I haven't seen this specific problem elsewhere though I've searched a lot, so I hope someone can help me...

I want to restore my intl HTC One M7 to stock Sense. I'm not S-Off because of H-BOOT 1.57 but I've restored it with the Stock Guru Reset ROM. At first everything fine, and the phone completes a minor update with no problems. However, when the update for 4.4.2 comes, the phone cannot start after the update is installed. It boots up, then the screen turns pink for a while. Then the HTC screen with the Beats logo af the bottom comes up, but the colors are distorted - and then the phone stalls. Only option is to flash a new custom recovery and ROM. The phone is the M8 build of Cyanogenmod with no problems whatsoever, so there doesn't seem to be any problems with the phone as such - but, I can't get Sense to work.

The same thing happens every time, no matter which ROM or recovery I'm coming from. Does anyone have any idea what's causing this?

Thanks in advance.