Unhappy [Q] Problem after screen replace.

Hi !
In advance, sorry for my english.

I have problem with my HTC ONE m7.
I broke my digitizer and I bought a full set(screen + digi.).
I replaced it, and i have a problem.
After turn on the phone, i see the black screen and sound of turning on.
When i push the power button and vol -, the touch buttons blinking.

When I put the phone into charger, in first time after plug in the battery, the notification diode is blinking, and after about 10 sec. the light is red, the same when i normally charging the phone. When I turn the phone on, the charging stopped. And when the phone is switched on, not charging.

The flexes aren't damaged.
Is it possible, that i get a broken screen in shop? - i don't see any damage.