Default radio combination question

Hey, so I just flashed a new firmware onto my m7 to get an updated radio, just for the fun of it. I might be crazy, but now I'm getting no more than 2-3 bars in my bedroom, and I recall getting full bars before hand. I'm on bell, running insertcoin 8.1.3 with elemental x kernel. I updated from the 4.19.401.1 to the 6.06.401.1 something firmware, which also included a new hboot 1.57. I had 1.44 before. I also have s-off. also, I changed my mid to pn0714000 from pn0120000 before the flash. Do you think this is a bad choice of radio/firmware for my phone/rom? Everything else I've tested seems okay. Any other info needed, just say so.