Default REQUEST stock kernel w/System Write Protection disabled

Would it be possible for someone to package the stock T-Mobile US kernel (for the latest OTA 5.14.531.1 ROM) with the System Write Protection disabled (for flashing with TWRP)? This is the 4.4.2/Sense6.0 ROM. I run the stock ROM but have been trying other kernels with varying success. While they offer more features, they're just not as stable and I'd like to go back to the stock kernel but don't want to deal with the RO issue.
Phone: HTC One Silver 32GB (T-Mobile)
ROM: HTC-T-Mobile stock 4.4.2/Sense 6.0 (rooted/S-OFF/Unlocked bootloader)
Kernel: ElementalX 14.12

Tablet: Nook Tablet 16GB
ROM: CM 11-M9