Post Facebook Contacts and purple photos

Hey all! I actually just got a refurbished phone from AT&T because of this weird issue with the camera at night mode. The camera actually turns a sharp purple so much so that it is unusable at night. I heard this was common and had something to do with the camera sensors being overheated or something along those lines. Anyways hopefully the refurbished will fix that unless it was a software issue and was wondering if anyone else had this problem. The new one also comes with sense 6! Which has extreme power saver which I desperately needed haha.

As for the facebook contacts, some of the pictures are simply not coming up even though a person clearly has a facebook picture and and it is linked to my contact on my phone. Some have their pictures showing up but others just don't which is annoying because I have way too many contacts to put pictures on manually. I was wondering if anyone knew why this was happening and how one would alleviate this issue. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!