Default Bluetooth Fails With Phone App...

Hey All,

My phone is pretty much stock, (close to) latest HBOOT/Radios/OTA (ICS), although I have flashed whatever version of TWRP was around way back when the latest OTA came about and rooted it.

Anyway, I've got a peculiar thing happening that I only just discovered: When I pair and connect my phone's bluetooth radio with the audio system in my car (the car is a recent addition to the family), I can't get the phone app audio to work properly over the car's audio system.

One possible clue is that I do use PowerAmp to play music over BT, and it works fine. When I dial the phone and press send, as soon as dialing ensues, music is interrupted, the phone number I'm dialing shows in the radio's screen, but audio goes completely silent. I have to manually change the phone app's sound from BT to speaker to continue with phone calls.

Have any of your experts ever had, and solved, this issue?