Plug Sulotion to battery drainage of CM-11 Android 4.4.4

I would like to post solution to Development but I can't because of my new account.

It is the problem of GAPP, you can find the battery usage, Google Service Frame drains the battery a lot because it keeps awaking the device on as long as the phone is switched on.

What I have done to it is:

1. go to directory /system/priv-app delete Velvet.apk (google search is packed in this)
2. go to /system/app delete GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk (this step may not be required if step 1 worked)

and reboot the phone, the drain issue should be gone.

I will still determine this issue is caused by the problem between GAPP and the ROM (May be Kernel), since I have flashed same GAPP to a 4.4.4 ROM with 3.0.16 Kernel and everything worked fine, but sometimes this ROM may lead crashes and followed by a reboot.

Please post this to if my solution works for you and please help others. I love this 4.4.4 ROM with 3.4 Kernel!