Unhappy [Q] Bootloader unlocked, No S-Off, CWM recovery installed

I need some help on my Verizon Thunderbolt. I did something dumb and need some help. Hopefully someone is able to direct me to the correct path.

I was trying to install a rooted and debloated rom for my device. I just want to use it as a clock.

So I ended up unlocking the bootloader and installed CWM touch.

I forgot to make a backup and wipe the entire device right away. I installed stock rooted rom, it shows black screen after the HTC screen. I just realized that I have forgotten to S-OFF.

Now I was trying to install RUU so I can boot the device up and S-OFF.

I tried googling for a few hours and I could not find stock firmware or RUU. All of them are dead link.

For some reason, I am unable to install stock rom when I booted into Fastboot and have the stock zip (P4IMG.zip <<< I forgot how to spell it). It checked everything but does not show up the menu to let me flash the stock firmware.

Now I have: Unlocked bootloader, S-On, CWM Touch installed.

I would like to know is it anyway flash a working rom (stock gb or any and not dead link) so that I am able to boot up and carry out S-Off.

Appreciate any feedback and replies.
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