Default [RUU] Marvel S HTC Europe 2.26.401.4 Radio 47.23h.35.3038H_7.60.39.12M release 291500

RUU_Marvel_S_HTC_Europe_2.26.401.4_Radio_47.23h.35 .3038H_7.60.39.12M_release_291500_signed.exe
CRC: 10c6fbc6
MD5: b79b480ea1d68992842e30272c6984bc
SHA: 59d9fd655050a4f40e8f9dd393404c7a9cfe2c11
And zip from temporary folder:
CRC: acd236dc
MD5: d4d6c94f9b22802ebf52c1d680e4e6ae
SHA: b7b951cce0bd41aa68e988b9275f9efde2a5368a
It is the latest European version which contains:

Newest European ROM: 2.26.401.4
Newest bootloader: 1.09.0099
__And radio: 47.23h.35.3038H_7.60.39.12M
(newer than: 47.23g.35.3038H_7.57.39.15M ? )

I tested it and it works properly