Default [Q] CM9 - CM11: wrong battery state monitoring and processing


I realise at the versions CyanogenMod 9 to 11 a problem with the right battery state monitoring.

And in consequence the accu state curve has strange behaviour, e.g.
* during standby mode suddenly decreases,
* even after 10 hours loading values like 85% load state cannot be increased,
* after reboot the accu load state often is much higher,
* wrong measuring: most consumed energy is said to be the display (e.g. 67%, next is 8%) BUT display was switched on only very short time. Cannot be true!
* sometimes the accu state decreases very sudden.
* ...

It is very difficult to organise the right time to reload the battery.
Who does not have that problem?
I am pleased to learn what your practise is here.
And eben better: how this problem can be fixed.

Thank you so much!!

PS: Just before I used the rom EQDKP with no problems here. So it should not be my device or accu.