Default CM9: no FM radio support. How to find the corresponding app? Or upgrading to cm10/11?


the last cm9 version (Olivier, 20.7.14) does not contain the FM radio app for the WFS radio tuner (no internet radio!). How can I find it (and flash it into the system folder as a system app)?

By the way, would you suggest me to update my WFS to cm10 or even cm11? Which reason are there?
And is it working as stabil and complete as cm9 already? (only LG Camera app runs very slow!)

If yes, what is the best way (saving most of the system settings) without reinstalling everything? Officially this seems to be possible, e.g. OTA of Samsung offered update from Android 4.2.2 to 4.4 without any data loss.
(unfortunately my cm9 version does not have an OTA support.)

Thank you for your help!