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Hi. I'm not actually a geek, i've been reading a lot on these forums and learning some stuff about android here and there, but today i decided to register because i'm trying to enable multi-user on my new 'huawei mediapad youth 2' tablet aka S7-721u. It has the android 4.3 version and it was suppost to have multi-users enabled by default, but for some reason it hasn't and im having some troubles to getting it work on stock rom. There isnt much information about this model, and i found some tutorials for other devices that work on my tablet. I'll tell some of the things i've done yet.

Flashing original stock rom

My device brought a moddifed rom by the carrier, and i didnt liked it at all, so i decided to do some searches and i found the original rom on the huawei website:

Its very simple, just extract the zip and put 'dload' folder on the root of sdcard, put the sdcard on the tablet, reboot normaly (or optionaly in recovery mode) and that's it, it will do all the work and ask you to remove the sdcard when it's done.

Rooting tablet

This method i found here on xda forums. I don't like it much because i got some chinese apps after rooting, but they can be removed and the process is very simple. Obs: you need to have the drivers installed on your pc, i installed lots of drivers i don't know what are best but they are easy found on web.

Enabling multi-user

This is the most headache part, i did lots of searches, bricked my phone sometimes but i got it working partialy. I can enable multi-user feature, and the users appear on the lockscreen, but user icons doesnt have transparency and the users option still doesnt appear on settings menu, but i can create users from terminal, and they are usable too. So heres the explanaition that i found on this site, with some alterations:

- With root already installed, install Terminal Emulator & ES File Explorer

- Next open ES File Explorer, enable root exploring, navigate to /system/ folder and go to the proprieties of build.props and put full permitions on it (maybe there's a way to change it on terminal emulator, but its more safe from es because it has graphical view and i can memorize the ticks lol.noob)

- Now go to the terminal emulator and type 'su' to get on root mode

- Type 'pm get-max-users' to make sure the setting is '1'

Now type these commands (without quotes):

- 'setprop fw.max_users 5' (5 or whatever max users you want) this setting should reset when you reboot, but i'll force it later

- 'pm create-user usernameYouwantHere'

- 'mount -o rw,remount /system'

- 'cd /system/'

- 'echo fw.max_users=5 >> build.prop' (forcing the setting, that's why we changed the permitions of build.prop before)

- 'exit'

- 'exit'

Now before we reboot, go back to the ES and change the permitions of build.prop to the original state

- reboot

You should now see two users on lock screen, 'Owner' and other with the name you choosed on terminal.

But that's it, there isnt any 'Users' option on settings menu, and the users part on lockscreen isnt transparent, that's why im here asking for help.. IMO if i got multi-users work, maybe there is a way to get that setting appear too, but there isnt much information for this tablet, even roms or custom recovery, that's sad.. Hope someone could give me some lights in this. And sorry for my english

Edit: I uploaded some screenshots, as you can see there isnt any option on settings menu but i can switch accounts, install diferent apps, configure different settings etc but the settings menu on the second user are kinda bugged, its missing the titles etc. but atleast i can share the tablet, and lockscreen protections are working too
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