Question [Q] Best ROM/KERNEL combo to date?

I know the word 'best' is subjective, but I've been out of the KF2 modding scene for a while now and I'm looking for the most up to date, feature filled combo. I'm currently using: Kernel version 3.0.50+ micheal@micheal-X101 #16 & CyanogenMod Version 10.1-20130405-UNOFFICAL-otter2 & TWRP v2.3.3.0

I'm assuming all that stuff is extremely outdated. Looking for tips and suggestion. Thanks guys.
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Xperia Play R800X (2.3.3) w/UnlockedBootloader & DooMKerneL V2 ~ Cola ROM
Xperia Play R800AT (2.3.7) w/UnlockedBootloader & LuPuS V5 ~ Xperia NXT LE ROM
Both w/ miscellaneous tweaks for performance, battery life, & features (RAM:290-250MB)