Info 2 HDX Toolkit & Your Input

As most of you may know, my HDX Toolkit is quite useful for the hdx. I have been trying my best changing and adding features that are useful for you guys but may not have the understanding to develop the toolkit better. I'm not dropping bad news, I feel as if the toolkit should be a community project. I'm still new to Android development but I feel like I'm missing something. I need your help!

The toolkit I put together is written in batch and then compiled into a exe. Currently it is a little messy (not in a bad way) because of some compiler code I used through the toolkit. My plan is to keep my compiled toolkit active* and also start a development toolkit project but have the code completely open and allow you guys to make and post additions and iterations specifically for the hdx.

Why did I type this?
I am looking for proper suggestions and guidance about, how to make the thread, what features or additions can at the time be added to the toolkit, and who is possibly willing at some point in time contribute.

My expectations are just a proper toolkit for this device. More details will be give at a later time.
The copyright will be CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 just in case one is needed.
It will be some time to fix things but I'm guessing around late September early October I'll post it.

*I am running short on time lately and may not compile new versions in the far future.**
**I'm going to be updating the toolkit soon.
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