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If you are trying to install into system it may be too crowded
Personally I use titanium back up and it shows the size of the ROM I only have like 34 MB left of room after installing gapps. And if you are using safestrap by chance you need to remake your slot delete the slot first then go to remake it it will show available space. I increase that cache by 200 MB then use the rest of my available space up in the data partition then create slot .

No safestrap. I have a 32 GB. Is the internal partition for installing apps tiny on this tablet? I got the 32 gb so I wouldn't have this problem. Stock other than being rooted and having the HDxposed modules with google market installed. That might be taking up the room.

I have 1.1 GB of apps, system apps are close to 397 mb. I have 21 GB free.

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Must have been a space problem. I deleted AngryBirdsSpace and was able to install Adobe flash and Cerberus. Milk music still will not install, so don't think that is the issue with that one. It did install last week on my Note8 and my Mega so maybe because it's a samsung app??

Will Titanium BU work for moving apps to the sd card on this device? And free up space that way?

I can't seem to find the move to sd card on a long press with tit.BU, so I guess not.
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