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If you are not familiar with either Chainfire3D or GLTools, these are two famous android apps that mess with your graphics driver in your phone.

I had a problem with the 3D of one of my games (Battlefield Bad Company 2) where the colors of the game where completely wrong (maybe there was an error while they where applied on the 3D surface). I face this problem first time, i used to play PSX games and PSP games on Fpse and PPSSPP with no problems. So in order to fix the drive problems, i installed Chainfire3D...

For out Lenovo A850:
Chainfire3D is not working
GLTools is working

After installing Chainfire3D you will get a softbrick (at least with s121 rom).
Here are some instruction on how to fix the softbrick if you ever become a victim too (based on this tread + tested):
1. Open your adb folder (i also suppose that you have your drivers installed)
2. Keep shift pressed and right click in adb's folder
3. Select "Open command window here"
4. Connect your phone while you are in the recovery
or Connected while it is stuck at the logo and type in the cmd:
adb reboot recovery
and press ENTER
5. While in the recovery go to "mounts and storage" and mount the system
6. Go to cmd and type (press ENTER after each line):
adb shell
system/bin/sh system/lib/
7. The phone will reboot and hopefully it will be functional

After fixing the softbrick i installed GLTools and the graphic problem was fixed!
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