Default [Patch] Battery / Signal Modifications

This is not my work, the original thread is here.

With this patches you can change your battery - remove the 3G / G items from android's bar.
CAUSION: These patches are made based on the S121 rom... you can try to install them on a different version BUT make a backup first!


1. Standard battery, without numbers on the SIM-cards. [Attached -]
2. Battery from MIUI [Download]
3. Battery with numbers. [Download]
4. Green battery with numbers, charging animation formula [Download]
5. Battery inscribed with figures [Download]

How to install:
- Backup your "LenovoSystemUI.apk" located in your "system"
- Download the zip file you want
- Boot into recovery and flash the zip
- Enjoy

Many thanks to linerty and MrDeniZ for these patches.

Edit: I took a look in the decompiled files and i believe this will only work with Russian language.
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